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RawMaraby- Detox and Dry Fasting
What is RawMaraby?

RawMaraby is a movement and protocol that mimics the original way man was supposed to eat.  It is created by Rob Maraby When you eat this way weight will fall off effortlessly, you will feel healthy, your skin and hair will thrive and age will just be time.

The teaching is very simple
Man’s diet is predominately fruit based- We are designed to eat fruit. When we deviates from this obstruction  and then health issues begin

There are two sides to chemistry - acid and base. The body and the planet is predominately base chemistry. If you ingest food that is acid ash base you are adding acid to the predominately base body-  Health issues are the result.

Every organ is a bunch of cells and 2 fluids so every organ can potentially get congested.

The blood is the kitchen ( it feeds the cells) and the lymph is the sewer system.( it removes the waste).
Dis-ease ( inflammation- think cells on fire being burned by acid) comes about when there is obstruction of energy flow - lymph ( mucus and cholesterol), blood and nerve.

We don’t believe in Dis-eases and  you don’t need any specifics or names to heal. Just know how to remove obstruction from the body and vitality is the result.

1.Alkalize and hydrate cells and the body with fruits and occasional raw veggies.
2.Veggies are hard to digest and should be consumed only when well.
3.Dry fast and water fast.
Clean , fine tune with botanicals and plants
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Nothing said here is meant to treat or diagnose illness. This is an educational page and so any advice given here is for educational purposes only. Always consult your doctor if you have a serious health issue. What we do is to get your vibrant and healthy and not treat. We have no interest in treating anything.. We dont believe in the concept of diseases we believe in health and vitality only.

We use foods and herbs to help you make yourself better
If you follow any advice here you do so at your own risk.

Always consult a doctor first before embarking on any health program. We are not doctors and so you follow the advice in this group at your own discretion and risk.

I created this to support anyone interested in Dr. Morse detox plan especially if you live in the north. (Northern US and Canada)

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